Downsize Managers

Strategic redefining the downsizing experience
before a life-changing transition

Downsize Managers are a socially conscious, eco-friendly enterprise that compassionately helps people downsize their belongings. As a business, their need was sharp and clear - they needed a digital presence with a consistent branding system. As their branding and design partner, Envisioner Studio eased their path towards this goal.


Our mission was to help build a positive story behind Downsize Managers’ socially conscious and eco friendly enterprise, create a brand platform that would be a foundation for their marketing activities and launch an official website to establish an online presence.


Through a discovery session with Downsize Managers, we identified their business goals and ideal clients, designed a brand platform with focus on client’s values, created identity system and developed their official website.


With an updated brand, and a responsive website that reflected the brand’s character and values, Downsize Managers were better positioned, ready to build trust with potential customers and raise awareness of their services in the local community.
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In order to successfully build a brand foundation, it was critical for us to understand what challenges Downsize Managers were facing. During strategy session we uncovered customer's needs and pain points through analyzing their back story and then came up with solutions on how Downsize Managers can attract and appeal to their target audience.


Building a brand platform included positioning Downsize Managers, defining their brand voice and writing key brand messaging. After this was done, company was equipped with verbal components that presented an overall perception of their business.
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Brand Key Words
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Strategy session gave us insights on who exactly Downsize Managers' brand was trying to reach and what has to be communicated to them. With this clarity, we could craft messaging and website copy that were highly targeted and were speaking directly to the customer's pain points.
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Voice & Tone
Value proposition
Web copy


Based on the brand attributes and customer profiles, we were able to set a compass direction for the brand visual style.

Logo design has to identify the brand, be memorable and simple. Redesigning a logo for Downsize Managers started with a series of sketches and through several iterations came to a strong mark - symbol of a home with two nested houses that suggested a downsizing process. Typographical treatment of the company's name reflects trustworthiness and professionalism.
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With web copy and visual style defined in the previous steps, it was time to create website user interface (UI). Our iterative approach, close communication with client on every step of decision making, let us to the final version, with laser focused message and clean and bold design.

Custom-build website, gave our client full control over adding new information about local auctions, archiving past ones, and ability to publish blog posts and make little changes.
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Website Development
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