ImTechTrans Brand Book with logo color variations


Medical equipment company

IMTECHTRANS (Imaging and Medical Technology Transactions) has a mission of bringing medical technology equipment to developing countries all over the world. 

Company is focused on fulfilling Hospitals and Clinics need for medical equipment with subsequent servicing, part replacement, consultations and trainings seminars on clinic planning and biomedical product technology.

Envisioner Studio did branding and website design and development to help bring IMTECHTRANS vision to life.
Imtechtrans logo sketches in a sketchbook
Imtechtrans logo sketches and final mark
ImTechTrans logo
Imtechtrans brand colors
Imtechtrans brand colors
ImTechTrans logo variations
ImTechTrans logo variations
Imtechtrans logo on medical device
Imtechtrans shipping boxes
Imtechtrans brand typographyImTechTrans icons
Imtechtrans website homepage
Imtechtrans website catalog
ImTechTrans logo

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