Sommie is a New York-based company set out to modernize shopping experience for a younger generation of shoppers, who are discovering wine and spirits on their digital devices. Based on the customer's answers to engaging questions on a tablet in a store, Sommie suggests a selection of in-stock wine and spirits personalized to the customers' needs and stores' sale strategy.
Wireframes were already in place and I was tasked to translate them into a beautiful and simple UI design. Design of the main screen was based on a color contrast and motion to draw customer's attention in a subtle and friendly way.
Questionnaire was designed as an essential step towards narrowing down the wine selection based on preferences.
Customer is advised to choose from three bottles of wine. Each choice has a brief information and with one click customer can dive into more detailed wine description.
More detailed information about each wine selection, along with more detailed information such as winery history are available for those customers who are interested in learning more about the bottle and winery.
Final step in the user journey is to receive wine info on the mobile phone via sms.

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