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Rebranding tech company

HODO, a provider of technological products and services for healthcare companies, approached Envisioner Studio for a rebrand to create a cohesive look reflecting their futuristic approach. The studio developed a memorable visual identity for HODO that distinguished them from competitors, and the rebrand was successfully implemented across their website, print materials, and social media platforms, allowing HODO to showcase the diverse aspects of their organization while maintaining a consistent and recognizable brand presence.

Services Provided

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Creative Direction
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Logo & Identity Design
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Website Design
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Illustration Sytle


We went though a thorough discovery session with HODO to find out what was the core principles behind the organization and what services they were brining to the market.

HODO is a multi-layered company, working in three different domains. Our challenge was to negate the confusion and visually explain what the company was about. We bet on a modern aesthetics and branded illustration to communicate different aspects of the company, and it payed off.

LOGO: Sketching

Tech company logo should have a certain vibe to it - sharp, modern, simple. HODO works with healthcare companies, and that fact guided us to explore ideas based on stylized cross and double O's in the company's name.

FiNal Logo

HODO chose a strong mark - symbol of a stylized medical cross, that represents connection with the healthcare industry. Near the symbol is a wordmark, a typographical treatment of the name. Cross symbol is echoed in the counters of the letters O.

Logo Family

Following approval of the primary logo, we created several variations to accommodate future marketing needs.
Before putting together logo guidelines, we test how logo in print to check for details and see if it will be readable on a small scale.


Choosing a typeface for HODO was an important step in defining the visual component of the brand. Chosen font emits a distinct personality that is aligned with company's brand attributes.
HODO brand color scheme


Chosen brand colors were a perfect fit for HODO. By adding active pink color to a balanced pair of blue and white, we could bring a more playful and modern look to HODO's brand identity, especially when planning on illustration style.
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Logo for print and digital use
Usage Guidelines

Logo Guidelines

With every project we include logo guidelines - a document that specifies how the logo should and shouldn't be used. It includes the information on colors, typography, and logo usage.
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Logo for print and digital use
Usage Guidelines
HODO pattern design


Pattern is a versatile element that adds depth to the identity system. We based HODO's pattern on the logo element and used it across print materials, presentations design, and website.


HODO use their logo in various media formats. When designing the logo, we paid attention to how it will work in different environments. Final logo works perfectly in small scale and big scale formats, in digital format as well as in printed media.
HODO logo displayed on iPhone X and Visa credit card

Presentation Design

Design is very important for getting your message across – in conceptual thinking and presentation. Based on the chosen visual direction, we designed branded presentation slides that gave HODO their visual voice and personality, while showing all necessary information in clean and professional way.


Visual storytelling though branded illustration was a huge part in representing HODO as a three-fold company which operates in realms of software and app development, medical and lab management systems.
Paired with the right messaging, illustrations served as an additional layer of explanation.


Letterhead is an important part of company's communication: it was created to help HODO start to market their new brand.


Design of the business cards was a natural outcome of the previously done work: is aligned with the main visual direction of the brand.
HODO website displayed on iMac screen


Website for HODO was designed as a four page slider. Each page serves as an entry point to explore specific facet of the company.
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Website Design
Website Development
HODO websites screen layout
Hodo logo

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