Hulme & Sweeney Piano Service

Harmonizing Craftsmanship: Revitalizing Hulme & Sweeney's visual identity and online presence.

Envisioner Studio collaborated with Hulme and Sweeney Piano Services to update their look and shape their online presence, reflecting their rich history and commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. A new identity design captured their classic aesthetics and dynamic approach, while a redesigned website and refreshed marketing materials enhanced their overall brand image. As a result, Hulme and Sweeney confidently marketed themselves and fostered direct connections with customers through social media channels.

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Creative Direction
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Logo & Identity Design
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Website Design & Development
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Internal & External Branded Communications
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Photo Session
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Brand guidelines


Every time we're starting a project, our goal is to deeply understand the business we're branding. It's critical for us to get to know the foundation of the brand and its customers: insights will help us to create the visual identity that truly reflect the brand's core.

We've spent hours with Tony Hulme and Randal Sweeny to learn about their history,
understand what it takes to run their business: to tune, repair and restore a piano.
We uncovered goals that Hulme and Sweeny set out to reach in the next few years and we made a plan how to get them there.


First of all, visual identity has to reflect the core idea behind the brand. Hulme and Sweeney is about preserving history, restoration of brand-name grand pianos, meticulous craftmanship and passion for the work they're doing. We had to find a way to bring their identity in the modern world. 

Early on we decided to use Red, Black and White color palette. Black and white represents piano keys. And red is the color of felt material that is used inside pianos.


We wanted to create a mark that would feel classic, upscale, and simple. We started with sketching out all ideas. Some of them will not make it to the first presentation. We curate and try to eliminate weak logos and recognize strong ones before putting together the first round for presentation.

Logo concepts

We chose several strong variations for a logo. After presentation we had a clear idea what mark would fit Hulme and Sweeny brand vision.


When the favorite concept was accepted, we started to perfect it through a set of several revisions.

Final Logo

Final logo came out looking exactly what we have envisioned: simple and classic silhouette of a piano paired with modern typography. Piano symbol is surrounded by a red line, that suggests the red felt used inside the piano.

Logo family

Following approval of the primary logo, we created several variations to accommodate future marketing needs.
Before putting together logo guidelines, we test how logo in print to check for details and see if it will be readable on a small scale.
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Logo for print and digital use
Usage Guidelines

Logo Guidelines

We created brand guidelines to ensure careful and consistent use of the brand elements to help unify and establish a strong brand.
These elements include the logo, colors, typography, and usage.
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Logo for print and digital use
Usage Guidelines

Business Cards

As a next step, we updated the look of the business cards. Velvety to touch with spot-gloss red line, these cards were printed on a thick card stock. When handed to customers, they definitely make an impression of quality and timelessness.


We created a stationery package to help Hulme and Sweeney start to market their new brand.

Photo shoot

Nothing can bring out the character of a piano shop other than a photo. We captured the atmosphere of the Hulme and Sweeny piano shop through a series of photos, which later will be used across the website and social media.
Hulme and Sweeney website on a computer screen


The website is the central hub for the Hulme and Sweeney business.
It's the main touchpoint where customers will have access to an up-to-date inventory of pianos and description of the services.
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Website Design
Website Development
Hulme and Sweeney website layout
Hulme and Sweeney website home page
Hulme and Sweeney website service page
Hulme and Sweeney logo

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