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A tech company sought our creative agency's help to revitalize their brand, get clarity on their strategic positioning, define the way to clearly communicate the value they bring to their customers and create a solid brand image that would attract the right candidates.
We were to develop a brand strategy, execute a rebranding, including logo and visual identity, and implement the new brand across communication channels, internal and external marketing materials, and digital platforms for a seamless transition and improved brand recognition.

Services Provided

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Brand Strategy & Creative Direction
Employer Strategy
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Logo & Identity Design
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Website Design & Development
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Internal & External Branded Communications
Data Visualization Design
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Brand guidelines
A distinct and memorable logo for Parenthetic, inspired by communication and messaging.
Concentric circle design for Parenthetic's brand identity
Signal, goal, objective,
influence, inclusion
Plus sign
Parenthetic's path icon, depicts a simple and elegant design of a path leading forward
Finding, showing,
leading through
The logo, inspired by communication and messaging, combines shapes based on concentric circles and parentheses to create a distinct, memorable mark that represents the company's strategic communication focus.
An image of a wired globe, symbolizing global connectivity and communication, featuring Parenthetic slogan: "Change the way you influence. Influence intelligently"
The elements of the logo can be rearranged to form engaging patterns for various branded media. This flexibility not only adds visual appeal to the company's marketing materials but also strengthens brand recognition and consistency.
A pattern featuring lines and concentric circles, symbolizing information flow and global connectivity
Incorporating additional graphical elements, such as lines and concentric circles, enhances the design by visually conveys distribution of information and global connectivity. Lines represent information flow, while circles illustrate the ripple effect of messages reaching wider audiences. These elements emphasize the importance of strategic messaging in our interconnected world.
The photography style complements the brand's overall creative strategy. Careful consideration composition and post-processing techniques ensures that each image aligns with the brand values and messaging. This cohesive visual style strengthens the brand's narrative, making it both memorable and impactful.
The chart design incorporates two distinct color schemes to cater to different audiences. A vibrant color palette has been employed for external usage, creating an engaging and appealing visual representation that captures the attention of the general public. Meanwhile, a more conservative color scheme has been carefully chosen for public agencies, providing a professional and understated aesthetic. This dual approach ensures that the chart effectively communicates its message to all relevant parties.
The marketing materials design aligns with the creative direction, producing a coherent and easily understandable representation of concepts that effectively showcase the company's capabilities.
The website design aligns with the creative direction, including the creation of a thoughtfully designed Career page for prospective employees. Significant effort was invested in crafting the perfect wording, ensuring that the page effectively showcases the company's values, culture, and opportunities while attracting top talent.
Contact page on Parenthetic's website
Brand Guidelines serve as a comprehensive reference for the correct usage of brand elements. This essential resource ensures consistency across all visual and messaging aspects of the company, maintaining a cohesive and powerful brand identity.
A distinct and memorable logo for Parenthetic, inspired by communication and messaging.

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